Shift chair

Shift folding chair is a prototype that will be shown as a part of the exhibition Swedish design goes Milan – In real life, April 8-13, 2014. La Posteria, Via Sacchi 5/7, Brera district, Milano.

The movement of different parts fascinate me. Things that are able to shift shape and adapt to the situation. In this project my aim was to create a three dimensional quality from something flat.

Shift is an adaptable chair. It is shaped to the human body when needed and flat when needed. Thanks to the knitted backrest this foldable chair combines good comfort with a slim profile.

Each material has been chosen to suit the function needed. The tubular steel frame creates a stable base. The overhanging plywood seat is curved which makes it stiff enough to hold a person standing on it. Nylon fittings are made to hold the parts together and act as joints.
 The knitted textile back is machine-made in one piece without any sewing needed afterwards. The polyester yarn will hold its stability over time since the elastic properties comes from the knitted structure, not the yarn itself.

The folding chair as a concept is something of a contradiction. Make it too light and it will not be stable enough. Make it flat and it will not be comfortable. This is where Shift folding chair differs. It does not compromise between space and comfort.