Create seating

Basic needs in the workplace are handled well by many furniture solutions. We need to sit, talk, think, store, and relax. However, the design and layout of the workplace are in constant change. Temporary projects, new colleagues or new ways of working are all key drivers in an increasingly changing environment.

EFG, 2017

Therefore, we have created a furniture system with high flexibility that enables change. The different modules can be combined in the various ways to fit the current needs and can easily be reconfigured when the demands shift.


EFG Create is designed using thin and distinctive lines. Since the parts are “simple” separately, they combine perfectly in larger configurations and layouts. The thin dimensions are also selected to ensure we’re not using more material than absolutely necessary, without compromising stability or practicality.

All modules can be reconfigured without causing damage or leaving marks. Everything is easily affixed by the smart pattern of holes as well as the frames which are the foundation of the system. This results in a strong, stable and flexible construction facilitating change.

Jonas Forsman, Forsman design AB, 2019