Create storage

Storage system based on modules that can be freely put together thanks to the hole pattern on top. This means that choice of modules is made according to the storage needs and that the physical setup is done according to the room condition. When spaces change the system can be rebuild.

EFG, 2015

The different modules can be combined in the various ways to fit the current needs and can easily be reconfigured when the demands shift.

EFG Create is designed using thin and distinctive lines. Since the parts are “simple” separately, they combine perfectly in larger configurations and layouts. The thin dimensions are also selected to ensure we’re not using more material than absolutely necessary, without compromising stability or practicality.

All modules can be reconfigured without causing damage or leaving marks. Everything is easily affixed by the smart pattern of holes and the adjustable feet holding the modules together.

Jonas Forsman, Forsman design AB, 2019