Wooden folding chair

The chair combines easy storage with comfort and minimal use of materials. The backrest is made of a thin aircraft plywood onto which the front and rear legs are attached. This creates a strong, supporting curve in the backrest when opened. When stored, the backrest stays flat.

Due to its minimal footprint, the chair remains elegant whether opened or folded, making it suitable for a wide range of spaces, from small homes to contract areas.

There is nothing superfluous about the structure. The material is oak with steel details. How the oak is used depends on its purpose. The frame of the chair is made from solid oak for rigidity. The seat is pressed in plywood for its strength. And the backrest is made from a thin three-layer aircraft plywood that allows bending in one direction.

Faneeri is produced and manufactured by Finnish design studio and furniture manufacturer Nikari. It is made in Finland by local craftsmen, using the aircraft plywood from a nearby factory.

Nikari, 2024

The goal was to rethink what a wooden folding chair can be. Can it be both flat and comfortable? When looking at a regular folding chair it became clear that a comfortable backrest curve could be achieved by connecting the front and back legs with a flat sheet that bends for comfort and stays flat for storage. This also provides a stronger construction which eliminates the need for stretchers between the legs. At the same time the backrest plywood adds a cover for the back which gives the chair a more permanent appearance.

Jonas Forsman, Forsman design AB, 2024